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Yet on Wednesday will vote. Dera was asked by journalists in the Sejm, or changes in the regulations proposed by the president is a failure Andrzej Duda. « It is a matter of agreement with government authorities ECJ that Poland did not pay fines, » – said the Dera. « As for the substance of the reforms is certainly not a failure; judicial reform will continue to be implemented, » – said the Dera, stressing that in his opinion it is a reform needed. « There is a saying that applies to the sport of judo, and I think it will be appropriate to what we have here: + + give way to win. The essence of this is to bring about judicial reform » – the minister added. Proceeded According to him, though now in the Sejm change was « forced » it « in the name of the continuation of the reform (judiciary) that change is needed and it will be carried out. » As noted Dera, « it is agreed. » Presidential Minister emphasized that Poland declared that it will respect the ruling of the CJEU and therefore are taking procedure, « which is to make that Poland will not pay penalties. » The project relates to the provisions of Law and Justice Law on the Supreme Court in December 2017 which came into force on April 3 B. R. According to it by law retired and July 4 ceased performing the function of the Supreme Court judges who have completed 65 years of age. They could continue to rule, if you made a statement and presented the relevant medical certificates, and the president agreed to continue their occupation of a ju […]