Plans can be structured/restructured at any right time through the planning process.

Plans can be structured/restructured at any right time through the planning process. When you look at the instance that is first it is critical to distinguish between planning and a plan. Planning is an ongoing process, from when you will get the essay title to when you submit your final draft. A strategy is a physical outline associated with the way you wish to conceptualise, structure and present your thinking. At this point it is the right time to write very first plan. However, usually do not stop doing research yet. You will want to? keep in mind that a strategy is simply that—a plan. It can be modified when you do more research; you might discover some different perspectives or issues you hadn’t previously anticipated. Example: Developing an essay plan after research (linear style) Title: “Chocolate is a wholesome food.” Discuss. Introduction Context for paper – popularity of chocolate. Issue – whether chocolate is a healthy food is questionable. Thesis chocolate that is be enjoyable but not healthy. Scope – (only 4 aspects are covered here to help keep the example short) Positive: Can positively effect on mood Positive: Possible health advantages for cardiovascular system Negative: Chocolate can be seen as a drug as opposed to a food Negative: Potential correlation between over-consumption of chocolate and obesity Main body Paragraph 1 with possible sources ways that chocolate make a difference to positively on mood. ‘Feel good effect’ – Parker, Parker and Brotchie (2006), Scholey and Owen (2013), Macht and Dettmer (2006) and Macht and Mueller (2007). May be the chocolate and improved mood scenario measurable/transient? Parker, Parker and Brotchie (2006) – chocolate mood effects usually do not last. […]